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Offer for Fixed Matches
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DATE: 28.09.2014 / Sunday
PICK 1-2 / 2-1 ODD: 25 - 35




Date of playing: 21.09.2014
( Sunday
Corinthians - Sao Paulo
Tip: 2-1
Odds: 29.00
HT:1-2 FT:3-2

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Next fixed match for 28/09/2014 Odds:25.00-35.00 ( 1-2 / 2-1 )
Guarantee Profit 99.99%
Price 80 EUR before and 150 EUR Once finished match

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Date Match Tip Odds Ht / Ft
29.03.2014 Livingston - Dumbarton 1/2 26.00 HT 1:0 / FT 1:2
05.04.2014 Stirling - Berwick 2/1 26.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
12.04.2014 Elgin - Berwick 1/2 21.00 HT 1:0 / FT 1:3
19.04.2014 Tondela - Santa Clara 2/1 29.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
26.04.2014 Queen's Park - Berwick 1/2 21.00 HT 1:0 / FT 1:3
03.05.2014 Berwick - Peterhead 1/2 26.00 HT 1:0 / FT 1:2
10.05.2014 Falkirk - Queen of South 2/1 21.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
17.05.2014 Schaffhausen - Locarno 2/1 19.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
24.05.2014 Wisla - Gornik Z. 1/2 31.00 HT 2:1 / FT 2:3
31.05.2014 Lombard Papa - Ujpest 2/1 26.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
07.06.2014 Angelholms - Varbergs 1/2 26.00 HT 1:0 / FT 1:2
14.06.2014 Strømsgodset 2 - Notodden 1/2 21.00 HT 3:0 / FT 3:4
22.06.2014 Akranes - Leiknir 2/1 21.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
29.06.2014 Jelgava - FK Liepaja 2/1 21.00 HT 2:0 / FT 3:0
06.07.2014 Norrby - Trelleborgs 2/1 22.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
13.07.2014 Nurnberg - Terek Grozni 2/1 21.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
20.07.2014 Austria Vienna - Grodig 2/1 21.00 HT 0:0 / FT 1:1
27.07.2014 Grodig - Sturm Graz 2/1 23.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
03.08.2014 Gent - Mechelen 2/1 21.00 HT 0:1 / FT 3:1
10.08.2014 G.A. Eagles - Groningen 1/2 26.00 HT 1:0 / FT 2:3
24.08.2014 Zwolle - Vitesse 2/1 24.00 HT 0:1 / FT 2:1
31.08.2014 Notts County - Bristol City 1/2 24.00 HT 1:0 / FT 1:2
07.09.2014 Leganes - Mallorca 2/1 30.00 HT 0:1 / FT 3:1
14.09.2014 Rhyl - Bangor 2/1 23.00 HT 0:2 / FT 3:2
21.09.2014 Corinthians - Sao Paulo 2/1 29.00 HT 1:2 / FT 3:2
28.09.2014 ????? - ????? ?/? ??.?? HT ?:? / FT ?:?
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Date Match Tip Odds Result
27.09.2014 ???  -  ??? ? ??? ???
27.09.2014 ???  -  ??? ? ??? ???
27.09.2014 ???  -  ??? ? ??? ???
27.09.2014 ???  -  ??? ? ??? ???
Date Match Tip Odds Result
28.09.2014 ???  -  ??? ? ??? ???
28.09.2014 ???  -  ??? ? ??? ???
28.09.2014 ???  -  ??? ? ??? ???
28.09.2014 ???  -  ??? ? ??? ???
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Date Match Tip Odds Result
20.09.2014 Metz - Bastia
1 2.30 3:1
20.09.2014 Sheffield Wed - Reading 1 2.40 1:0
20.09.2014 Scunthorpe - Leyton Orient
2 2.20 1:2
20.09.2014 Mansfield - Carlisle
1 2.00 3:2
Date Match Tip Odds Result
21.09.2014 Lens - St. Etienne 2 2.20 0:1
21.09.2014 Sport Recife - Coritiba
1 2.20 1:0
21.09.2014 Belenenses - Maritimo
1 2.40 1:0
21.09.2014 Covilha - Aves
1 2.50 1:0

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Membership Archive - July 2014
01.09.2014 No Match * * * * * * * * *
02.09.2014 Stevenage - Gillingham FC 1 2.00 0:1
03.09.2014 Denmark U21 - Russia U21 1 2.25 4:2
04.09.2014 Ukraine U21 - Switzerland U21 1 2.50 2:0
05.09.2014 Senegal - Egipat X 3.20 2:0
06.09.2014 Oldham - Fleetwood 1 2.55 1:0
07.09.2014 Bahia - Coritiba X 2.90 0:0
08.09.2014 No Match * * * * * * * * *
09.09.2014 Boston - Oxford City 1-1 2.10 2:7
10.09.2014 Cameroon - Ivory Coast 1 2.40 4:1
11.09.2014 Corinthians - Atletico-MG 1 2.00 1:0
12.09.2014 Hartberg - St. Polten 1 4.50 1:0
13.09.2014 Luton - Cheltenham 1 2.50 1:0
14.09.2014 Sampdoria - Torino 1 2.50 2:0
15.09.2014 Korona - Podbeskidzie 1 2.50 2:1
16.09.2014 Brentford - Norwich 2 2.45 0:3
17.09.2014 Sport Recife - Internacional 1 3.10 0:0
18.09.2014 No Match * * * * * * * * *
19.09.2014 GFC Ajaccio - Dijon 1
2.85 2:0
20.09.2014 Las Palmas - Alcorcon 1 2.00 4:1
21.09.2014 Chievo - Parma 2 2.50 2:3
22.09.2014 Vestsjaelland - Aalborg 1 3.00 1:0

srijeda, rujan 24, 2014 Darko-Tipovi

Lyon vs Lorient

Lyon managed to get a draw away to PSG (1:1) although
PSG dominated the first half and scored an early goal.
Lyon balanced the game in the second half, they were
a little bit better than PSG and equalized the game five
minutes before full time, while they also had a shot to
the bar earlier.Indeed Lyon rises to the league table
slowly but continuously, despite the fact that they still
have a big number of absences. With the return of
Yohan Gourcuff in attack and Samuel Umtiti in defence,
the team begins to find their taps, as in the last two
games they managed to win over Monaco and draw away to PSG.
Surely these two results have helped Lyon to improve their image and increase their confidence. Attacking midfielder Clement Grenier, defensive midfielder Gueida Fofana and defender Milan Bisevac are still out of the team due to injuries, all of them were absent in the previous match too, while tonight they will miss sub left back Mouhamadou Dabo. Lorient lost at home against Reims with the score of 0:1, in a game where they had the control of the game but they were meaningless in attack and failed to create some good scoring chances. Reims managed to score to one of the few opportunities they had twenty minutes before the end of the match, and then they played with massive defence to hold the lead.

Lorient seems to be hopeless to this period. After the loss of lot of players in the transfer period now they have new problems with their image on the field, while their coach talked for many weaknesses that can’t be covered with the current roster. Surely there is pressure and the climate is not the best possible for Lorient. For tonight’s match Lorient has nine absences, but most of them are players who have no participation yet. Right winger Yann Jouffre (2 games) and key attacking midfielder Sadio Diallo (4 games) are more important, but in any case, nine absences for this roster are surely many to bear.

Lyon has a very good chance to rise more to the league table with a win over troubled Lorient, and i do not think that they will face problems to get at least the narrow win.
Pick: 1
Odds: 1.70
Stake: 9 / 10
Date: 24-09-2014  19:00
FRANCE: Ligue 1

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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realmadrid-bet1x2 @ 15:12 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
utorak, rujan 23, 2014


Celta vs La Coruna

In the last game before tonight, Celta have pulled out 2:2
draw away to Atletic Madrid on Saturday evening. They
have taken a lead with a goal from Pablo Hernandez in
19th minute, conceding two goals before the halftime
whistle, but still managed to reply in 53rd from the penalty
spot.With this result, Celta has completed three consecutive
draws, at the same time remaining undefeated for four matches.
In contrast, in draws against Cordoba and Real Sociedad, the
team has deserved to get victories, while their coach has said
that they are favorites against
Deportivo and has to show that on the field.
Central midfielder Augusto Fernandez overcame his injury and will take place of Alex Lopez. Second change can be Nolito instead of Pablo Hernandez, despite his goal in the previous game. Hosts actually have no new injury worries or suspensions.Deportivo, on the other side, comes from a very heavy 2:8 defeat at home against Real Madrid last Saturday evening. They were decent only for twenty five minutes, while the defense collapsed from then on and has conceded eight goals since then.

This embarrassing result was more than rough for the team of Victor Fernanez, as the team previous came from a 1:0 away victory against Eibar and began to believe in their potential, especially after signings made during the transfer period this Summer. Coach Fernandez is not going to make any important change in the lineup, after stating that he has full confidence in his players after one bad night for them. Left back Juan Domniguez felt a problem in his right adductor and will be left out of the team this time, with his position being covered by Jose Rodriguez who didn’t play against Real.
Celta Vigo have scored at least two goals in eight of their last ten matches in La Liga.

Celta has shown some really good football recently and are surely much more convincing than La Coruna. They have all the chances to get the three pointer now and should get it, easy or hard.
Pick: 1
Odds: 1.60
Stake: 9 / 10
Date: 23-09-2014  22:00
SPAIN: Primera Division

realmadrid-bet1x2 @ 14:03 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
ponedjeljak, rujan 22, 2014


RoPS vs Jaro

Jaro and Rovaniemi will meet this day.
And I must admit it will be "for fun".
No challenge any more in this league
where HJK, SJK and Lahti are far
away at only 4 rounds of the end.
So, while RoPS plays usually well at home, they let VPS taking three points 5 days ago and should be motivated to gain this game in front of its fans.

Jaro stays on two good performances : a victory against KuPS and a good draw against VPS.

In each of the 4 games of these two teams, there has been 3 goals or more.

Kokko, best striker of RoPS, is back.

Jaro has show some difficulties in defensive line but remains very dangerous in attack.

I hope a very prolific game tonight !
Pick: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.75
Stake: 9 / 10
Date: 22-09-2014  17:30
FINLAND: Veikkausliiga

realmadrid-bet1x2 @ 15:33 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
nedjelja, rujan 21, 2014


Wolfsburg vs Leverkusen

Wolfsburg drew 1:1 away to Hoffenheim last weekend.
The game itself was very balanced on in the first
halftime, with only a few good moments from both teams.
Visitors conceded a cheap goal in 55th minute and have
taken the control from then on.After 70th minute, they took
complete control and made many great opportunities to
score, but were only able to get a point with a goal in
89th minute. Overall impression is that the team has played well,
but needs to be more effective in order to start getting victories, while it seems that Olic is the only reliable solution for them at the top of attack. They have lost 4:1 away to Everton last Thursday, as they were a team with ball control, but were taught a less of effectivity in football. Central midfielder Guilavogui is suspended for this game, while the third consecutive match will lose midfielder Vierinha, with coach Hecking probably naming an unchanged squad. Leverkusen drew 3:3 at home against Werder Bremen last weekend. They had an excellent first halftime, played very quick football with many offensive phases, but managed to score only one goal, having three posts in the progress, while the team conceded equalizer in 45th minute.

In the second half we saw completely different picture, as the roles were reverted, while the draw remains quite a fair outcome, although it could have been with a higher score. They were defeated last Tuesday 1:0 away from home against Monaco in the Champions League game, as the team did everything right in the first halftime, but failed to score from four great chances they created, conceding a goal in 61st minute as they never again found pace to return to their game-play. It was their first defeat in official game, as the team misses for this game central defender Toprak. Other central defender, Papadopoulos, left midfielder Brandt and defensive midfielder Rolfes remain injured without participating in previous weeks.
Wolfsburg have seen over 2.5 goals in their last eleven home matches against Leverkusen.

Both teams will look to bounce back after their defeats in midweek matches. The game itself should be an open one, with huge chances to end as over 2.5 goals, maybe even after the first halftime.
Pick: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.57
Stake: 9 / 10
Date: 21-09-2014  20:00
GERMANY: Bundesliga

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subota, rujan 20, 2014


Zilina vs Trnava

Zilina has finally come bakc on the right tracks, and
this year they should be title contenders. Another
plus for them is that Slovan is playing Europa League,
and that will affect their league fixtures. ANyway,
Zilina is playing very good this season, and I think
they will continue in that way in this match.
In four matches at home Zilina has four wins, with a goal difference 13-2. In four games away, Trnava has 1 draw and three losses, with goal difference 0-6. By the statisticsm Zilina is playing very good in their matches, and away they have 4 draws, they were unlucky to get a victory so far. But they played well almost always, that is important. Tranava hasn't impressed so far in the championship, and I think they don't stand a chance against an in-form team of Zilina.
Pick: Zilina
Odds: 2.00
Stake: 8 / 10
Date: 20-09-2014  20:00
SLOVAKIA: Fortuna liga

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Admira vs Grodig

Admira comes from a great victory on the road last weekend,
as they managed to defeat Sturm with a 2:9 result. They threatened
little, but had a great night taking all three points with goals from
Edin Bajrami (in 40th and 60th minute), player who is loaned from
Rapid.It was their second consecutive victory after their 2:1 win
over FK Austria, as the team improved in the standings, escaping
from the last positions. They are now at fourth position with eleven
points earned, as the team looks to have more potential and
could achieve something better this season.
Left winger Domoroud (2/0) is available after overcoming the injury, while the team continues to be without midfielder Schachner and right midfielder Sax, both of them without playing a single minute this season. Defender Weber (2/0) injured his knee and won’t be calculated as well, same as defender Ebner (7/0) who was important part this season till now.Grodig, on the other side, stayed for the third consecutive game without a victory, as they come from a 3:3 draw against Altach on Wednesday evening. They took the lead in sixteenth minute from an offside position. They even had a man more since 27th minute, just to see themselves getting 2:0 lead before the halftime whistle.

They even got the 3:0 lead, as the team scored two goals from penalty spots, but it still wasn’t enough for them, as the visitors showed great fighting spirit and didn’t give up scoring goals in 63rd, 73rd and 87th minute. It was a huge blow for them, as they lost two important points and will try to get it back now away from home. Their major problems remains in the defense, as the team conceded twenty five goals away from home in last ten games. They will miss important midfielder Nutz, who is probably their best player, but suspended for this game. Striker Correa (7/1) is back in the team, while the team misses midfielder Potzmann (1/0), defender Strauss and full back Schubert, both without performance this season. Substitute midfielder Volkl (2/0) is injured, same as midfielder Handle (7/0).
Admira have seen over 2.5 goals in their last four matches against Grodig.
Grodig have conceded at least two goals in five of their last six matches in Bundesliga.

Grodig comes from exhausting ninety minutes against Altach and will have to re-shuffle their team having few absentees for this game. Admira feels comfortable enough after a victory over Sturm and should make this game very open one, trying to attack from first moment. Both score and concede goals with ease, so over shouldn’t be difficult to come here, maybe even after the first halftime.
Pick: Over 2.5
Odds: 1.65
Stake: 9 / 10
Date: 20-09-2014  18:30
AUSTRIA: Tipico Bundesliga

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Greuther Furth vs Klautern

Greuther Furth comes from a 1:0 defeat away to
Sandhausen last weekend. However, it has to be
said that they had initiative during the match, but
this time were hardly in threatening positions, but
still were a side who created more classic
opportunities in front of opponents goal.Even a
penalty awarded to them in the second half wasn’t
enough for them, as they got punished in the
85th minute when they conceded the only goal scored
in the game. Team of coach Kramer isn’t having the
best possible start in the season, as they now have
two victories, a draw and two defeats, but still a
lot more time to improve.
New absentee for this game will be central attacking midfielder Trinks, while striker Wurtz remains injured from the start of the season. Substitute goalkeeper Flekken is also out, same as central defender Mohr, players who also didn’t play in the new season.Kaiserslautern, on the other hand, comes from a 1:0 narrow home victory against Frankfurt last weekend. Hosts were much more superior in attack, losing many great chances, as their victory of about 3:0 would be much more fairer result based on what we saw on the field.

In another match, team of Kosta Runjajic has shown a very fast football, good combinations on the midfield and this time, they managed to keep a clean sheet for the first time in the season. They are still remaining undefeated in the new season, with the team having 3-2-0 record so far and sharing the first position with three other teams. Newly signed midfielder Demirbay is fully fit for this game, while substitute winger Younes losses this game. Midfielder Zellner continues to be sidelined from the start of the season.
Greuther Furth have seen over 2.5 goals in their last five matches against Kaiserslautern.

Goals are expected here, as both of the teams are playing very aggressively, with fast attacking midfielders and ability to threaten many times during ninety minutes. Both teams should score too, in quite an open game that has much more chances to end in over goals than the odds are currently representing.
Pick: Over 2.5
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 9 / 10
Date: 20-09-2014  13:00
GERMANY: 2. Bundesliga

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Everton vs Wolfsburg

Interesting match between Everton and Wolfsburg.
I think that we will see one open game and goals from
both sides.Everton played 4 games in Premier League
and we saw 19 goals which mean almost 5 goals per
game. Two games finished with 2:2 one 0:2 for Everton
and lost from Chelsea 3:6. Three incredible games from Everton.
But that is for expectation, because their attacking line is pretty strong so I expect goals from them in today's match.
Wolfsburg is playing attacking football. Their attacking line is also very good and for sure they can score in this match.  Their defense for me is nothing special and for sure will have problems in this game. Gustavo is doubtful for this match and he is good defensive midfielder, so without him their problems will be bigger. Anyway I think that Olic, Arnold, De Bruyne, Caligiuri will be big danger and can score here.

Everton, (4-2-3-1):
Howard; Coleman, Distin, Jagielka, Baines; Barry, McCarthy; Mirallas, Naismith, McGeady; Eto’o.

Wolfsburg, (4-2-3-1):
Benaglio; Jung, Naldo, Knoche, Rodriguez; Malanda Adje, Gustavo; Caligiuri, Arnold, De Bruyne; Olic
My suggestion : 2:2; 3:2...

Pick: Over 2.5
Odds: 2.00
Stake: 9 / 10
Date: 18-09-2014  21:05
EUROPE: Europa League

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Dinamo Z. vs Astra

Group D European League where will
meet Dinamo Zagreb and the
Romanian Astra for the first time.
Dinamo is in good shape, in the last
five matches manage four wins and one draw.
In the final qualifying round were also thrown out the Romanian representative club Petrolul. For today's match probably will not be ready their first scorer Duje Cop. Astra is in no constant form lately, in the last five matches they manage three victories and two defeats. In the last match have been lost from Cluj with 4:1. They have financial problems and three best players decided to strike and will not be in the record for today's match.

I expect Dinamo victory in this match.
Pick: 1
Odds: 2.05
Stake: 8 / 10
Date: 18-09-2014  19:00
EUROPE: Europa League

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